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Membership, Horse Show results, and Points are now available online!
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Points & Membership Standings

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Membership & Points Q&A

Q: How do I contact the WHJA about my points and/or membership information on the Membership & Points web site?
A: Send an e-mail to: foreal73@yahoo.com
Be sure to provide all the information that applies to your question (for example: which show, what divisions, rider’s name, horse’s name, etc) and always include your full name and a contact telephone number. We often cannot identify who you are by your e-mail address! (NOTE: Please do not use the link “Issues” that appears in the menu of the Points/Membership application to contact the WHJA. No one will receive information you submit using “Issues” and you will not receive a reply.)
Q: I see that each member and each horse has a membership number (under the column “Index”). Do I need to write those numbers on horse show entry forms?
A: You do not have to write your WHJA membership number on your entry forms.
Q: I competed at a horse show recently that is not listed on the Results page. When will that information be available?
A: Horse show results are provided by the show manager and will be posted on the Results page as soon as possible after the WHJA receives the information. Please check back later.