WHJA Rule Book



Updated January 2020

The Wisconsin Hunter and Jumper Association (WHJA) has adopted USEF rules and regulations to govern its horse shows. These rules shall govern to the extent that they depart from USEF rules, but USEF rules will govern with respect to any matters not addressed in these rules. In cases of dispute, the WHJA will follow USEF rules, regulations, and dispute-resolution procedures. In the case of disputes not involving USEF rules and regulations, the WHJA Board of Directors make the final determination.

To obtain recognition, all classes, courses, and fences are to be conducted, judged, designed, and constructed in accordance with the rules and specifications of the current USEF rule book, unless specific exceptions are contained herein. Current USEF Rules and Regulations may be found on the website: www.usef.org

Download the 2020 WHJA Rules